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Homemade Face Mask Information

homemade face mask information and resources

After clinical review, homemade masks or hand-sewn masks have been deemed inappropriate for clinical healthcare staff use. All homemade face mask items we receive will be made available to asymptomatic patients as quantities allow.

If you are able to make a face mask, here is some helpful information for you.

  • Please try to ensure the fabric is tight-knit or tightly-woven, and breathable.
  • Hand-sewn face masks can be dropped off to 218 E Ave B in Newberry. There is a sterilized tub on the back porch located on Parmalee.
  • All donated masks will be distributed to the Luce County Ambulance, Newberry Fire, Garfield Ambulance, Newberry Correctional Facility, and HNJH.

Resources for hand-sewn face masks:

If you have questions regarding homemade masks, please contact the Luce County Masks and Gowns group on Facebook.