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HNJH Implements a TeleStroke Program

ED Staff conducted a mock code stroke with the new TeleStroke equipment.ED Staff conducted a mock code stroke with the new TeleStroke equipment. The robot, "Vici" is shown at the end of the bed that the neurologist operates.

In a telestroke program, doctors who have advanced training in treating strokes can use technology to treat people who have had strokes in another location. These stroke experts work with local emergency medicine doctors to recommend diagnosis and treatment that can be given in their own community. In a partnership with the McLaren Stroke Network, HNJH is now offering timely and specialized stroke treatment for patients in our Emergency Department. 

When a patient presents to the HNJH Emergency Department with strokelike symptoms, they will be evaluated by the ED provider and then a remote interventional neurologist will be contacted. By utilizing a telemedicine “robot,” the neurologist will provide consultative services within minutes of notification. The TeleStroke System allows the interventional neurologist to beam in to the patient’s bedside and assess the patient, review CT scan images, and discuss the best options for the patient with onsite providers and the patient’s family. 

By being a part of the TeleStroke network, stroke patients benefit from speedier diagnoses, faster care, and a better chance of recovery. HNJH Director of Nursing, Sarah Johnson said, “When time is of the essence, the quicker we can deliver care the better the outcome for the patient. This partnership allows our team to act immediately and have access to a stroke trained interventional neurologist any time of the day or night.”