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HNJH Community Clinics Participate in SmartRx Campaign

woman with cold sitting in front of medications

Newberry, MI — February 12, 2020

The Helen Newberry Joy Hospital Community Clinics are currently participating in a SmartRx Campaign through Upper Peninsula Health Plan (UPHP) and Upper Peninsula Health Group (UPHG). 

As part of the campaign, all HNJH Community Clinics have “cold kits” that are provided to patients diagnosed with a viral infection who do not need antibiotics. The kit contains items such as Kleenex, a thermometer, tea packet, recipe for chicken noodle soup, and hand sanitizer. These items are intended to provide an alternative treatment when an antibiotic isn’t appropriate. Antibiotics cannot fight infections caused by viruses like cold and flu. 

Allison Blakely, HNJH Clinic Quality Supervisor, is pleased to offer this option to patients, stating, “The overuse or misuse of antibiotics is leading to antibiotic resistance. With this campaign, we are able to provide alternative treatment and promote appropriate antibiotic use.” 

Cold Kits are currently available for patients at the Gibson Family Health Clinic, Manistique Lakes Family Clinic, and West Mackinac Health Clinic. For questions about the program, please contact Allison Blakely at 906.293.9124.