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HNJH to Begin Offering Wound Care Services

health professional caring for a wound

Newberry, MI — August 3, 2020

Helen Newberry Joy Hospital is pleased to announce they will begin offering wound care services to the community beginning August 17th. Five million Americans suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds that linger despite conventional medical management.  Proper wound care prevents infection and other complications and also helps speed up the healing process.  

Services will include treatment for all wounds including diabetic ulcers and vacuum-assisted closure of wounds. Jennifer Lusk, Occupational Therapist and Director of Rehab Services, recently received her wound care certification and will be leading the program. “I am excited to be able to provide this important service to our community. If you have an open sore that isn’t healing, consult your primary care provider. Not having these wounds looked at could potentially cause life-altering consequences,” said Lusk. 

Service hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM. Patients will need a physician order and can call 293.9231 to schedule an appointment.