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Health News: Quality and the Patient & Family Engagement Committee

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This is Health news from Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center in today. We talked with Keena Nicholson manager of quality and accreditation and Kevin Vanatta member of the patient and family engagement committee know-how about a quick overview of your responsibilities at work within the facility with all the departments on improving processes looking at ways to improve patient care keeping safety in mind. We'd work with all the Departments an individual goals for the Departments on an annual basis. So we're constantly looking at ways to improve and then the accreditation we have the DMV as our accreditation organization, so they come in annually and do a survey and find ways for us to improve as well. I organized and chair that process when they're there to work with the Department on improving following the survey and then the patient and family engagement committee six community members and see


Hospital employees. How often do they get together? Large group meets quarterly and then the hospital employees meet monthly so we can work on improving those processes on the back end Kevin you been active with his subcommittee for several years. Now, it's been exciting to me to be involved because it shows me that our hospital is not satisfied with just the average they want to be the best the so this initiative the patient family engagement committee. That's exactly what we talked about is how do we get better at what we do as an outsider in other words? I mean, I don't work at the hospital. It's just been exciting to me. A breath of fresh air. Really. They're actually engaged and doing something we develop a plan and the hospital employees carry it out. If you're not part of the answer then you're part of the problem, right? So that's one of the reasons why I like to be involved in any of these things that I'm involved with is we part of the


I think we have a responsibility not just to ourselves but to each other and our community to make it better for tomorrow than it was today. That's our job the patient experience surveys as I understand it their mailed to patients after their in-hospital care. And how's that information used? They make sure that their voice is heard. We use that information throughout the facility. We share that information with everyone throughout the facility and use that feedback to make changes in our processes and Care the great Avenue to get your voice out there. It sounds like a lot of the input is more than just Medical in nature things like facility appearance staff attitudes bureaucratic procedures. Kevin had mentioned the walked around that they had done and identified the need for sprucing up the hallways. And so Cassie Fossitt found healing photo art project and we were able to have photos donated to the hospital. So those were put throughout the facility and we use community members to identify where those should be placed including the infusion room. Hallways near the patient rooms as well. So that was a really fun project as well as going towards overall patient experience patient and family engagement committee work Alliance. Well with Helen Newberry Joy's mission of keeping the patient at the center of everything we do every patient every time if anyone is interested in learning more about the patient and family experience committee or would like to share their own experience. Please contact the patient advocate.


Thank you, Kena Nicholson manager of quality and accreditation and Kevin Vanatta member of the patient and family engagement committee.