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Health News: Get to know new provider, Christine Gibson, PA-C

health news recording with Christine Gibson, PA-C

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This is Health news from Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center. Today, we’re talking with Christine Gibson, physician’s assistant now seeing patients at the Gibson Family Clinic in Newberry, and then in the West Mackinac Health Clinic in Engadine. You and your fiancé Sal moved to the UP in the middle of the winter, and you had a pretty good-sized carload? My fiancé Sal and I moved to the UP in the middle of the winter and he is a physical therapist. I have two dogs, Moose and Finn. They’re both my fur babies. 

What’s your favorite part of being a physician’s assistant? I like getting to know my patients and help them maintain good health by everything that we do is centered around our patients. And personally, I enjoy seeing patients of all ages and I enjoy the variety. I think that all patient care should be tailored individually to meet each patient's needs. How important is it for you to make sure your patients have access to quality healthcare that is close to their home? Here they can have all their labs done and their preventive care is done. So, now you’re accepting patients? Yes, I look forward to treating not only you but your entire family.