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Health News: Surgical Services Updates with OR Supervisor, Terry-Lynn Beckman

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This is Health news from Helen Newberry Joy Hospital and Healthcare Center. Our Guest is Terry Lynn Beckman the or supervisor at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital. Tell us about your job. I am a registered nurse and I am the or supervisor and I actually watched the day-to-day operations of the surgery department at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital. So I actually oversee. We do have nurse anesthetist that run the anesthesia Department the runs under the Direction with my health, but they are in charge of those surgeries that require sedation and they actually put the patients to sleep. They're the ones with the certifications and all the qualifications CRNAs. We like to call them. We actually have a brand new group there that we've hired that actually asked for a lot of different kinds of anesthesia. We offered general anesthesia. We actually do what is monitored anesthesia care for all of our colonoscopies upper Scopes some kinds of lesions that we Golf minor surgeries, but then we have our big surgery is like your general surgery is ever actually going to put them under for we also offer blocks, which is a new type of procedures that were doing nowadays, which is a great thing that we can offer our patients because it helps with pain control before surgery and after surgery at Old some without having to give them a lot of Narcotics. It's a bit more to tell you about the different kinds of anesthesia on one of them would be that we give general anesthesia, which means that they're going to put you under for a bigger surgery like a lap coly like when you have your gallbladder taken out or you're having a hernia surgery or you have hemorrhoidectomy or those types of big surgeries. Were going to put you under for those and then there are minor surgeries. Were just going to put something through your IV and you're only going to be under four of just love what we call it Twilight sleep. You're just going to go under for a little bit and you're going to come back out. Those are things like colonoscopies' upper scopes. Maybe you're just going to have a lesion taken off of your skin and then blocks that are new to the hospital so far. Were doing blocks only with hernia surgeries and with appendectomies before the surgery. The nurse anesthetist will meet with a patient and discuss a plan of care and then they actually insert a needle into the abdomen and it goes into the abdomens deeper layers and it provides medication into those deeper layers and it provides a pain control that will last over 10 hours of pain control that'll help them with those postoperative pain. We've never been able to do that at our level while here and Helen Newberry Joy hospital until we hired this new group. So this is a great benefit for patience when it comes to pain control. What about I procedures are done with very minimal sedation. Usually, we just put a little needle in your hand. You're not hooked up to any fluids and we just give a very minimal amount of pain control. That little Ivy do we call it a little bit of her said it helps relax you and then after the eye surgery is done, you get to go home within about 30 minutes. So cataract surgery is very quick and easy not very invasive for the patient or surgeon doctor careers. Awesome where the eyelids sometimes droop over the eyes and this is more of a plastic surgery procedure that doctor careers going to start doing locally at our hospital. So we will start trying to do that in February, but he actually does yag lasers he's able to correct vision with lasers and he also does the Cataracs so this all different types. So yag lasers that he does he's able to take the lasers and actually correct Visions. It's actually incredible how much he can improve people's eyesight that just a few minutes that's impressive. What's the next step for patients who are interested? The doctor is in every other Friday to our facility with a team of professionals. You can find his information on our website hnjh.org, call his office and they can give you more information. Thank you, Terry Lynn Beckman, the or supervisor at Helen Newberry Joy Hospital.